We started the Commercial Finance Course because we see an opportunity that all self-made entrepreneurs should be a part of. The "alternative lending" industry has made many, many people millions of dollars over the years. This opportunity is just in its infancy, and given the current political state it is likely to continue growing at a rapid pace. 

What is alternative lending? 

After the 2008 financial crisis, banks were forced to tighten their lending standards due to their incompetence in the housing market. This not only affected consumer lending, it also spilled over into commercial lending. The newly stringent guidelines for commercial underwriting made it incredibly difficult for any small-to-medium sized business to obtain financing.  The once small alternative lending space took advantage of this new gap in the market. Alternative lenders take on all shapes and sizes. Many of them have do not have household names, as the industry itself is fragmented with many smaller private funds. Which means they stay under the radar - bringing about an opportunity for you.

We have built all of our companies on the foundation of long-term relationships. Maintaining such relationships requires doing what is best for the client, not what is best for your wallet. You will find as you build your consultancy that long-term strategies are far more lucrative than short-term gains. 

We look forward to working closely with you to build your company, and to help service the under-served business lending market throughout the United States. 


Who are we?

Luke Gooch is the President and Founder of Ideate Solutions LLC - the parent company of the Commercial Finance Course. Luke has founded several successful businesses including: Idealbusinessloan.com, Ideatesolutions.co, and a number of e-commerce businesses. Luke has worked in finance for over 10 years. Starting out as a financial adviser and moving to the alternative lending space after relocating to NYC. Luke quickly scaled up the ranks of a privately held lending firm to become Vice President of Portfolio Management in just under 4 years.